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Present Continuous Multiple Choice Exercise

by CerdaskanKita
Multiple Choice Exercise  
You can choose some categories below :

Instructions : 

  1. Choose the correct answer from the multiple choice.
  2. Your choice can not be changed.
  3. Click submit button to check your score.
  4. Score and Answer key can be opened if you have answered all questions.

1. Davied ………… a rainbow cake now.
A. eat
B. eating
C. is eating
D. was eating
E. ate

2. Why ……… umbrella? It is not raining now.
A. do you use
B. you use
C. you using
D. were you using
E. are you using

3. He is so busy right now. He …….. his homework.
A. does
B. did
C. is done
D. is doing
E. does not do

4. Ryan, Kevin, and Raul ………… English at Briton now.
A. is studying
B. studying
C. are studying
D. was studying
E. student

5. Nayla’s friends ….. visiting her mother in the hospital.
A. is
B. are
C. do
D. does
E. have

6. …….. you waiting for a bus? We can go together if you want.
A. is
B. were
C. do
D. did
E. are

7. Be quiet! my grandmother ……….
A. is sleeping
B. am sleeping
C. are sleeping
D. were sleeping
E. sleep

8. Don’t forget to take your umbrella honey. It ………..
A. rains
B. rain
C. is raining
D. are raining
E. were raining

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9. Please call me later. I ……. breakfast.
A. have
B. was
C. was having
D. am
E. am having

10. Don’t disturb her. She …… sleeping.
A. has
B. are
C. was
D. is
E. were


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