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Latihan Bahasa Inggris Simple Present Tense

by CerdaskanKita

Latihan Bahasa Inggris

Petunjuk : 
  1. Pilih salah satu opsi yang diberikan.
  2. Harap berhati-hati dalam menentukan alasannya yaitu pilihan tak sanggup diubah.
  3. Tiap tanggapan yang benar akan dikali dengan 10 dan skor tertingi merupakan 100.
  4. Skor dan kunci tanggapan sanggup dicek kalau semua soal telah tamat dikerjakan.
  5. Jika ingin ke tahapan selanjutnya, minimal skor pada tes ini = 70.

1. Andi and Toni ……. to the school by bus.
A. goes
B. go
C. is going
D. was going
E. went

2. She …… long hair and she …. beautiful.
A. is, have
B. have, is
C. has, is
D. has, are
E. have, are

3. Rina …… to the school this morning because she is sick.
A. go
B. did not go
C. is going
D. do not go
E. does not go

4. Rani …… dressed at 7 o’clock everyday
A. got
B. gets
C. get
D. was
E. is get

5. Layla helps her mother in the kitchen …..
A. yesterday
B. last morning
C. every morning
D. next morning
E. last week

6. Cakra and Michael …… football in the afternoon.
A. will play
B. is playing
C. were playing
D. play
E. playing

7. We ……. our homework together.
A. does
B. did
C. finish
D. finished
E. do not finish

8. My Father ……. a newspaper every morning.
A. read
B. reads
C. are reading
D. are
E. is read

9. ……. your sister ….. a letter for her friend?
A. do, write
B. do, writes
C. does, written
D. did, wrote
E. does, write

10. My parents and I …… dinner in the dining room.
A. has
B. have
C. will have
D. got
E. is going to

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