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Kumpulan Model Soal Sbmptn Adjective Clause

by CerdaskanKita
  1. Participants of the state university entrance test ……… are high school graduates from Java are competing for a limited number of seats.
    A. Which most of them
    B. A greater number
    C. Most of whom
    D. A lot of them
    E. The majority
  2. X : “Look, isn’t that our friend Taylor?”
    Y : “Which one?”
    X : “There, the one ……. hat is black and red.”

    A. Whose D. Whicj
    B. Whom E. That
    C. Who
  3. Tom’s father, …….. health hasn’t been so good lately, is in hospital now.
    A. Who is D. Of whom
    B. Whose E. His
    C. Of which
  4. The book ………… is only available in the library.
    1. From which the two chapters are taken
    2. Were these two chapters are taken from
    3. These two chapters are taken
    4. The two chapters are taken
    5. It was taken from two chapters
  5. Iwan wanted to know …………
    1. From whom Ari heard the news
    2. From whom did Ari hear the news
    3. Who did Ari hear the news from
    4. The news Ari heard from whom
    5. Ari heard the news from whom
  6. X : “What is the pediatrician?”
    Y : “Oh, it’s a doctor ……… specialization is treating children.”

    A. Whom D. Who
    B. Whose E. That
    C. Which
  7. X : “Who won the ford foundation scholarship?”
    Y : “The high school student ……… the city council had chose as the best student.”

    A. Whom D. Who
    B. Whose E. Of which
    C. Which
  8. The student are collecting money, food, and clothes for the people ……… houses were destroyed in the fire last week.
    A. Who D. Whom
    B. Whose E. That
    C. Which
  9. The books on this shelf , …………. are about child education, belong to my sister in law.
    A. In which D. Most of which
    B. Of which E. That or most
    C. Which of most
  10. Teenagers delinquency ………… people are now complaining, has become a popular topic discussed among psychologist.
    A. In which D. About which
    B. Whom E. Which
    C. Whom that
  11. The businessman ……… we met at the party yesterday is the general manager of a big company.
    A. With whom D. Which
    B. Whom E. Who
    C. Whose
  12. The lady ……. this letter is addressed had moved to another city.
    A. To whom D. Which
    B. Whom E. Who
    C. To whom
  13. X : “Look the beautifully carved doors of that house.”
    Y : “Well, in fact it is the house …………”

    1. I was born in this house
    2. I was born there
    3. Which I was born
    4. In which I was born
    5. Where was I born
  14. The yellow card ……….. is only issued for employees.
    1. Without which one can not enter the factory
    2. One can not enter the factory without
    3. Which without it one can not enter the factory
    4. Without it one can not enter the factory
    5. No one can enter the factory without it
  15. These tourist …….. are Japanese were among the crowd participating in the “dangdut” dance.
    A. There are many D. Many of whom
    B. Many of them E. They who
    C. Whose many
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